Eidsvoll House (Eidsvollsbygningen) is a place full of exciting history! It is the birth place of the Norwegian Constitution, and therefore a national symbol inextricably tied to the writing of the Constitution and the dramatic events of 1814 leading up to Norway's independance. Norway celebrates Constitution Day on May 17th. Eidsvoll House became Norway’s first national monument in 1837. Since then, extensive restoration projects have recreated this historic site and birth place of the modern Norwegian state.

Eidsvoll 1814 homepage

E-mail: kontor@eidsvoll1814.no

Phone: (+47) 47 63 92 22 10

Address: Carsten Ankers veg, N-2074 Eidsvoll Verk, Norway

How to get here

From Oslo downtown by car:

45 min. drive north on E6 from downtown Oslo, direction Lillehammer. Look for signs “Eidsvollbygningen”.

From Oslo Airport, Gardermoen, by car:

15 min. drive.


Every half hour local trains run both from downtown Oslo and from Oslo Airport, Gardermoen.

Trainstation: Eidsvoll Verk, approx 1,5 km from Eidsvollbygningen.