The history of the estate dates back to 1649.  Bogstad remained in the same family from its establishment in 1649 until it was presented to the Bogstad Foundation in 1955 as a public museum administered under the aegis of the Norsk Folkemuseum.


Café and shop:
All year: Tue. - Sun.: 12:00 -16:00

Guided tours of the museum
18 May– 28 September.
Tue. - Sat. at 13:00 and 14:00
Sun. every hour 12:30-15:30.

Fees, daily tours

Adults: NOK 60 
Reduced rate: NOK 50
Children: NOK 20

Program days

Adults: NOK 30
Children: NOK 20

Guided tours for groups:
Can be ordered all year.

Peder Anker - landowner, industrialist and Prime Minister

Peder Anker (1749-1824) at Bogstad was an outstanding 18th century figure; not only a landowner, timber merchant and industrialist, but a filantropist and patriot who encouraged the development of Norwegian institutions. Peder Anker became Prime Minister in 1814 and his son-in-law, Count Herman Wedel Jarlsberg became Minister of Finance.


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