The Image Library (Photo Collection) at Norsk Folkemuseum consists of  photographs from the early days of photography in the 1850s up until today. The collection contains a variety of photographic material, from silver plates and glass negatives to the digital images of today. In addition, the Image Library contains prints, watercolours and drawings that for the most part are of folk dress, portraits and landscapes. Most of the images can be accessed through the museum’s digital catalogue. Both amateur and professional photographers are represented in the collections.

Grønland Churc seen from Enerhaugen, 1935. Photo: A.B. WilseThe photographer Anders Beer Wilse (1865-1949) is the most well known. He documented nature, culture and everyday life in Norway through photographs during the first half of the 1900s. Norsk Folkemuseums’s part of this collection consists of 110 000 photographs, which can be accessed through Galleri NOR.

"Sogn, Nærødalen. Velocipeder". Ca. 1889: Photo Axel Lindahl.

The Swedish photographer Axel Lindahl’s (1841-1906) Norwegian photographs are also shown there, most of them from his travels in Norway in the 1880s. Another large collection from one person is the archive of negatives from the photographer Gustav Borgen (1865-1926), for the most part portraits from the period 1890-1920. The museum has also accumulated large amounts of photo documentation through fieldwork, research trips and museum activities. For further information about the collections, please visit us or contact the Documentation Center.